Master's Program

Master's Program in Chemistry at UFMG

The Master's program trains professionals with solid chemistry knowledge enabling them to fill teaching functions in chemistry and be part of scientific and technological research groups. This 24 month chemistry MSc is planned for students, either to act as a preparation for PhD studies or for students wishing to broaden their research experience and knowledge of chemistry. The course consists, essentially, of at least four taught disciplines, worth 16 credits, delivered in the first 12 months of the course followed by a substantial research project in the next 12 months.

Four Master's degrees are possible in our Program:
- Master in Chemistry - Physical Chemistry
- Master in Chemistry - Analytical Chemistry
- Master in Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry
- Master in Chemistry - Organic Chemistry

For the requirements for been admitted in our Program (click here)

During the course, the Master's student must:
a) obtain at least 16 credits in disciplines no later than 12 months from the admission, under penalty of exclusion of the Program.
-The student that fails twice in disciplines will be automatically excluded from the Program;
-The scholarship is canceled if the student obtains concepts D, E or F or two concepts C in subjects listed in his/her admission report.
b) be supervised by the coordinator of the college until the choice of an advisor;
c) choose an advisor during the first semester of the course and present a research project until the thirtieth (30th) day of the beginning of the second semester.
d) prove English and Portuguese proficiencies, according to Resolution 01/2015.

In order to conclude the Master's program, the student must:
a) complete at least 16 credits;
b) be approved in the discipline 'Scientific Writing I', which should be attended preferably in the last two semesters of the course;
c) to be approved in his/her dissertation defense meeting, not less than one year and in a maximum of two years from the candidate's initial admission.

Responsibilities of the Master's student
Regarding the registration:
All students must keep their personal information updated every semester (on the program website:, specially phone numbers in case of emergency.

Regarding the disciplines:
All graduate students must enroll for Elaboration of Final Work (ETF) every semester during the Master Course.
Beside the 16 credits mentioned above, all graduate students must enroll for Departmental Seminars every semester and attend 10 seminaries in that period. Three seminars can be attended in others departments and universities, since the presence can be proved by the lecturer. On the defending semester, graduate students are dismissed to attend the seminars.

Fresh graduate students must enroll for Chemical Safety in Laboratory on the first semester, otherwise, they are forbidden to work at laboratories.

Documents required for Diploma Issuance:
The student must present copies of the following documents:

- Undergraduation diploma or latest academic degree diploma;
- Identity card or work license;
- 'Registro nacional de estrangeiro (RNE)' - National register of foreigner;
- Birth certificate or wedding certificate;
- 'Nada Consta' (No pendencies) from the University Library;

- The documentation must be complete in order to request the Diploma issuance;
- The issuance status may be tracked in the link:
- To order a replacement diploma, the student must re-submit all the previous documents together with a justification for the replacement. If the replacement is requested for damage or correction reasons, the student must also attach the previous diploma.

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